Up Close with Kent Remington – Part 2

Today the word “innovation” is used to describe everything from cars to baby formulas. It seems to be the marketing term of this generation. In fact, the term innovation ranks in the top 10 most overused marketing terms.

It’s unfortunate, because true innovation really drives success and sustainability in today’s world. Look no further than Apple to see how real innovation alters history!

Innovation in aesthetics is huge. Now more than ever, practitioners have been provided  the tools to create results so extraordinary that patients’ lives are literally changed forever. That’s exciting!

The question is: how innovative are you in maximizing the full potential of these tools? How are you adding more value to your patients’ lives than anyone else? How are you Creating Raving Fans?

In Part 2 of our interview, Dr. Kent Remington shares the principles that have made him a true innovator in aesthetics.

We examine the importance of Phi proportions, the personalities of fillers, the concept of double vision, rheology, and the importance of having a blueprint to creating an extraordinary result . . . a blueprint to success.

And success leaves clues!

Watch Part 2 of the interview with Dr. Remington Now!

You can also listen to or download the audio file of the interview here.

View Part 1 of the interview with Dr. Remington here.

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Robert R. Rullo
CEO & Founder, The Aesthetic Blueprint

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