The Aesthetic BluePrint Immersion Seminar 2017

February 24-26, 2017

Advanced Training for Aesthetic Practitioners

B. Kent Remington, MD, FRCP
The Aesthetic BluePrint

Robert R. Rullo
The Aesthetic BluePrint

Arthur Swift, MD, FRCS
The Aesthetic BluePrint


Full Face Reflation Case 1

Dr. B Kent Remington guides you through a full-face reflation procedure featuring the injection blueprint that he’s developed and refined.

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Welcome to The Aesthetic BluePrint

Warning: If your goal is to merely survive in aesthetics – Click off this page. But if your goal is to thrive in aesthetics – Get The Aesthetic BluePrintTM – the ultimate learning experience in aesthetics.

Co-founded in partnership with the renowned aesthetic guru, Kent Remington, MD, The Aesthetic BluePrint offers you the best clinical and business strategies for growing your practice exponentially. Attend our live seminars, learn digitally on-demand, or both. It’s time to change.

Look, the business of aesthetics is tough.

Picky patients, new competition, a crazy economy, new competition, cost concerns, new competition –it’s a struggle just to survive, right?

But today, right now, there are thriving successful aesthetic practices out there.

Are they better than you? Smarter than you? In a finer location than you? Have wealthier patients than you? Nope. They face the same challenges that you do.

But they’re crazy successful. Why?

Because they have a plan – a blueprint they follow everyday with passion and commitment – a blueprint to success.

And success leaves clues. The Aesthetic BluePrint is about sharing the best ideas and strategies in practice today. Look, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just learn from those who are achieving geometric success in aesthetics.

Immerse yourself in The Aesthetic Blueprint and take your practice to a level of unimaginable success.

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The Aesthetic BluePrint is the ultimate learning experience in aesthetics.

The Aesthetic BluePrint is about innovation – offering the best clinical and business strategies in aesthetics today.

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Jointly provided by Dannemiller and continuED Medical.
This activity is supported by an unrestricted educational grant and an in-kind contribution of disposable and biological supplies from Allergan, Inc., Galderma and Valeant.