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You Can’t Afford to Stop Training!

The world is mostly frozen in place due to the coronavirus.

This makes it extra challenging for you to train and earn those much needed CME credits.
Because of that, The Aesthetic Blueprint is doing something special.

For the first time ever, we’re accrediting a portion of The Aesthetic Blueprint Digital Library so you can train and earn 13+ CME Credits while “sheltered in place.”

Train with the Best Minds in Aesthetics and Earn Credit.

Because you can’t afford to stop training.

What Makes Blueprint’s
Online Training So Special?

  • 70+ Hours of Elite Training
  • 13+ Hours of CME Credits
  • Immediate Certification
  • Annual Renewal
  • New Content Added at No Charge
  • Any Device. Any Time. Anywhere.

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Invite this Elite Faculty into Your Home.

Dr. Arthur Swift with The Aesthetic BluePrint

Your Unlimited Access Subscription Includes:

  • Patient Assessments
  • Injection Demonstrations
  • Phi Proportions
  • Body Contouring
  • Managing Complications
  • Facial Anatomy
  • Marketing That “WOWs”
  • Leveraging Your Online Presence
  • Ask The Lawyer
  • Creating Extraordinary Results

Hear From Bob

Hone your clinical skills, create a marketing plan that works, and hit PLAY on growing your practice while the rest of the world is hitting pause.

3 Truths About Your Aesthetic Training

(Even during a crisis)

Not All Aesthetic
Courses Are Alike

Blueprint’s curriculum showcases perspectives from the aesthetic world’s best minds. Leverage their genius.

Immersive Training
Yields Best Results

Knowledge is not enough. Learn to create the WOW results patients want.

Aesthetic Training
Never Stops

This fast paced, highly-competitive market waits for no one. Your patients demand your very best.

Join us live in November!

Immersion Seminar 2020

November 6-8
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Florida


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This Is Us

Many experienced aesthetic practitioners are frustrated with the lack of “next level” training available today. They believe that traditional training courses are redundant – lacking the creativity and ingenuity to teach the skills necessary to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive aesthetic market. Simply put, they are seeking something different.

The Aesthetic Blueprint is different. We’ve challenged traditional thinking and created an elite training course inspired by lessons learned from the the world’s most successful practices – presented as a blueprint to significantly grow your competency and enthuse exponential growth of your practice.

Regardless of where you are today, you can find that next level of achievement through The Aesthetic Blueprint.

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