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  • Jasmine McLeod, MD
    In all of the 25+ years I’ve been in practice, [The] Aesthetic Blueprint is THE BEST seminar I’ve ever attended. I am a “raving fan” and I had an “unforgettable experience!”

  • Marianna Blyumin-Karasik, MD
    Priceless, fantastic, educational.

  • Charles Fulk, MD
    Super conference.

  • Jim Turek, MD
    This seminar has enabled me to elevate my skills and patient results to the next level.

  • Betsy Perry Thacker, MD
    The Aesthetic Blueprint gives a reproducible method for evaluating and safely injecting patients for outstanding results. You should not miss this meeting!

  • Henry Gasiorowski, MD
    A dynamic and outstanding program!

  • Diane Orlinsky, MD
    I absolutely recommend this program to any injector. Everybody can learn from this candid, broad-spectrum course. I will return!

  • Michael Persky, MD, FACS
    The best advanced injectable course that I have attended.

  • Marguerite Germain, MD
    I go to many meetings, but this one has transformed my life.

  • Barry Kusman, MD
    The Aesthetic Blueprint is the best training program available in aesthetics.

  • Gail Mautner, MD
    I feel privileged to have been a part of this great learning experience. The speakers shared many innovative techniques to assess the aesthetic patient and to inject to meet the patient’s expectations.

This Is Us

Many experienced aesthetic practitioners are frustrated with the lack of “next level” training available today. They believe that traditional training courses are redundant – lacking the creativity and ingenuity to teach the skills necessary to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive aesthetic market. Simply put, they are seeking something different.

The Aesthetic Blueprint is different. We’ve challenged traditional thinking and created an elite training course inspired by lessons learned from the the world’s most successful practices – presented as a blueprint to significantly grow your competency and enthuse exponential growth of your practice.

Regardless of where you are today, you can find that next level of achievement through The Aesthetic Blueprint.

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