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Golden Ratio Calipers

Price: $295

Manufactured in New Zealand, these lightweight, durable stainless steel calipers are used to measure PHI proportions and identify specific facial zones that require attention.

Used by artists, architects and designers around the world, these Golden Ratio calipers will enhance your patient consultations and differentiate you from other aesthetic practitioners.

Begin with the intercanthal distance to measure length and height of the brow, forehead height, length of nose, width and depth of the lips, the apex of the cheek and much more. Measure PHI proportions — Identify troubled zones — Unleash your patient’s beauty potential.


  • 1 set of Calipers
  • Protective carrying case
  • Guide to measure Phi Proportions
  • Demonstration video
  • Free shipping within the United States only
  • Shipping outside the US - Available

Return/Refund Policy: Due to safety regulations, this product is not returnable or refundable.